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Enterprise Computing
A Centralized IT Infrastructure, supporting the geographically dispersed business, having different building blocks & areas which make the rugged & reliable platform for different flavors of technologies to ride upon for further enhancement & development to support the ever growing business demand. Our team of specialists of variety of areas is capable enough to deliver the range of solutions, which is expected to be in line with the client requirements maintaining the utmost balance of Value v/s Money.
The range of solutions include :
IDC Solutions
DC build Solutions
DC Expansion
DR Establishment
Application Infrastructure Solutions
Database Infrastructure Solutions
Back-up Solutions
Server/Storage Consolidation-Optimization
Virtualization (Server, Storage, VDI)
Application-Database Migration
Mail Exchange
Business Application
Enterprise Networking
The hybrid platform, which creates the bridge between the Enterprise Core IT Infrastructure & End users, enabling the users to "feed and retrieve the business data" as & when required for the business. Our expertise, built over a period of years is enabling us build the solutions which is superlative in nature & meeting the industry standard compliance requirement too.
The areas of solutions we cater with, are:
Wired Network(Passive Infrastructure)
LAN (Local Area Network) & WAN (Wide Area Network)
Wireless Networks
Ethernet Access
IT Security
It is extremely important to maintain the confidentiality of the business data and to protect the same from the competitors, hackers or the internal mischievous people. There are various ways, people with malevolent intentions can steal the data, potential enough to cause the major tangible/intangible losses to the enterprise. It is exceedingly important to fill all the open areas and keep a check on, which can give a way to such events to take place & of late became mandatory by various regulatory institutions to meet the various levels of IT security standards as part of the compliance requirements to run & develop the institutions further. We serve our clients with the best of the class security solutions ranging across the layers of OSI, some of them are:
User Access Control/User Authentication
Hardware Security
Network Security
Domain Security
Application Security
Database Security
Web Security
Data Leak Protection (DLP)
Identity Management
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